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Bedtime story: The dirt rider Gods are working their magic. Picking up my trailer tomorrow, hated being the guy that said "can u pick me up?" every weekend. Winter is over here in Pittsburgh, and knowing i can take er out anytime i want is way cool. Been involved one way or another with dirt bikes since i was 9. Aside from my 30's which were spent with "possible problematic substance abuse" ( I never understood that diagnosis, I abused all my substances quite proficiently..i also became a whiz in the area of weights and measures) these bikes have been the life preserver I needed. I no doubt dirt bikes saved my life at one point. It all started with a 1970 QA50, instantly hooked. Got the first "big bike" feel on a 1972 CL100, both Hondas. First 2 stroke was another Honda, a 1976 MT125...had a pause for a few years, thru high school then a childhood friend bought a 1987 KDX200 (i believe thats a Kawasaki) Rode it up and down the street and needed one, but had to settle for a 1986 IT200..kdx's were sold out. Got my act together and discovered a new passion, but it still wasnt enough, I needed an mx'er so i bought one. A 1989 CR250 that i trained for. I lifted weights, swam, rode mountain bikes, ice skated, you name it. When i wore it out I jumped on a 1992 CR250, followed shortly by brief stint on a 1993 YZ250. Thinks got tricky after that, a story that belongs somewhere else, but the party ended, not in rockstar fashion thank God, no dramatic end, not a nite that ended in tragedy or arrest, it just went away..I eventually looked at the clock and its 48 yrs old, the 2t kx500 was long gone, there were these weird looking motors on 450's now, my idea of training is no cheese sauce with my fries and suddenly i wanna ride again. The rest will be history, hopefully beginning with a healthy 2017 for everyone here

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  • We were a Yammi family

    1974 YZ80

    '79 MX175

    '85 YZ250

    '8? IT200

    (Then followed by 15 years of dark ages)

    Three years ago '02 KDX220

    This is a keeper

  • 39 yrs ago. 9 yrs old

    1974 YZ80

  • Robert Budge ..i wish i had pics from back then....i have a few from the IT and the 89 CR ill try to find....back then we had no idea that in 30 years we'd be able to take pics out in the woods with a phone

  • Every path Ive taken, some incredibly fantastic, some devastatingly wrong has led to a dirt bike...kinda crazy how theyve been around nearly all my liofe

  • I hear ya there Mark Bzura. Those dark ages I referred to were self induced. Thing of the past now. One of the first things I did after regaining my sanity was to go buy the KDX. I'm hoping to make bikes a way of life again instead of just a casual pastime.

    I can't wait to get out. Still winter here. Not much longer though

  • i was concerned about whether or not I'd like it as much as i used to when i first bought the bike....Im not as fast, im not as strong as i used to be for sure. Its like the stuff got into my bloodstream when i was young...with all that ive got going on, with all that im struggling with (an immediate family member has dementia-its absolutely awful), if you look under the helmet there's still the grin of a little kid on his Honda QA50.....magic hour....the bikes do the trick buddy

  • What'd you get for a trailer?

  • Wow! A QA 50 Honda in what looks to be good shape. You don't see many of those around anymore in that kind of condition. Very cool!

  • The green ones were the fastest.......

  • Jonathan Devens...bought this little buggie off of Craigslist...saved $700 over brand new..i tried to upload a pic of it beside the Buick but for some reason the phone was fubar....had no issues bringing it home though i put a hole thru the rusted out muffler while putting the hitch on

  • one other thing....The IT200 was my first big first modern one anyway..those are cool photos on Photobucket....u mind if i use one? i wanna show my boys its never too cold