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Just finished putting on my new grips: Driven D3's. Don't know if I'll feel much of a difference through my gloves but they feel quite nice under my bare hand.

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  • I hope the ninja will get its windscreen back?

  • I hope so too. With the sport bars on, the levers hit the top of the windscreen when turned to full lock out. I'm gonna trim the top of the windscreen down to sit flush with the top of the tachometer and that should give the levers enough clearance.

    This is what the bike looked like with it on, before throwing the bars on :) it's a subtle but noticeable difference for sure.

  • Yes I see... Kind of a hassle for the sports bars though. I hope you knew this beforehand?

  • Unfortunately not. I suspected it'd be an issue for a completely stock windscreen but since mine was already trimmed, I figured I'd probably luck out. I'd scoured forums too, reading everything people had to say about the install and whatever else they felt like throwing in, and nothing about the windscreen came up so I thought I wouldn't have to worry about it. Obviously it didn't turn out that way.

  • That sucks. Always a bummer when the manufacturer fails to say these things. I had some issues as well with my aftermarket windscreen

  • Yeah the instructions provided by the sport bar manufacturer were shit and filled with inaccuracies, the walk through videos were mostly garbage and primarily just people showing the finished product and then listing what steps they changed during the install, and all I found on the forums was glowing praise for the bars. Not one hiccup lol ridiculous

  • Hope it works out

  • Thanks. So far so good. I just need to take the measurements for trimming the top of the windscreen and it should be good to go.