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close to finished. 855 ccm, Wilbers, new front disc, K+N Filters, Daytona fenders, super small indicators

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  • May I ask if there is any kit to increase +800cc? What is required?

  • also interested cos who wouldnt be! nice work

  • I will send you the specs though I did a ccm upgrade, reworked the inlets in the head plus adapted the camshaft.

  • Head, cylinders and crankshaft

  • German unfortunately

  • crazy price!

  • Did the k & n filters make any. Noticeable difference ?

  • This I can't tell vs. stock as the reworked 855 ccm engine needs more airflow anyway. So harf to tell vs stock. the reworked engine has a lot more punch plus runs far smoother. didn't take her all the way up (needs to be broken in). Guess the old lady will do max 200 kmh judging from the revs at 130. But the front/back wilbers suspension and the Conti tires worked magic. almost a sporty feeling now to the bike.

  • A little sister to my Thruxton R I might say.

  • Impossible for me to do it in Hong Kong. No qualifying mechanics. Needs to be plug and play. Changing crankshaft, what about starter? Can carry it?

  • No props. The rework of the crankshaft is balancing with master-weights only. And the engine of the 650 itself is in the base the 800 anyway so 855 do no harm at all

  • Well. All in all (seat, new golden chain, front disc, paint job, stainless steel spokes, indicators, fenders, tires, new mirrors - the will follow - engine upgrade, mew wilbers back and front suspension... I habe to sum it up, but I will habe surpassed the 6.5 TEUR mark...