Photos from Magnus Laas's post

Wifes Kawasaki er6n keeping compani for winter in garage :)

  • Is the Er6 any sort of match for the Zed? Much slower? More fun?

  • Love the z, but er is just too much more fun to ride. Er is lighter, smaller and super easy to handle (like a bicycle). 0..100km/h is almost the same, the top speed on z is better, but the er6 eats almost half less gasolin compared to the z. For me z is perfect, er6 is too "narrow". Hope the info helps.

  • narrow ? :/

  • Gas tank is 1/3 narrower than on the z.

  • It feels "thin". Sry for my english

  • I've sat on an ER and I'd think I could ride it further than the Z. Comfy seat. I'd like a ride on one.

  • Its true, the seat is comfy.

  • Corbin Seat is verry good

  • I agree Bjorn Seynhaeve, I ordered one for my previous bike and it was the most comfortable I ever had. I need to order one for my Z.

  • Thinking also changeing the seat.