Photos from Made Sulastri's post

Some pics of a few of my KX500s blasts from the past I had a 94'98'an a 04' loved them all

  • I only needed one,92 Kawplow 500,my old and modern racer.

  • I know rite so from 92' to. 04' ther pretty much the same style of bike ? Just the graphics an plastics get changed rite? @paulJohnson

  • Suspension a lil I think. Some have lil different jetting on chart from FMF. Pulled holeshot in 50+B got 5th. 2-6 55+B 5-6 in 50+B hurt ribs 2nd moto 55+. Almost endoed in deep mulchy holes.slammed bars when front slid out after gagging it some. I tried saving it. Got last that moto. Fun bikes,have a flywheel weight on mine with reed spacer FMF Gnarly! Holeshot race started in 3rd,never shifted.

  • Wow killer race story lol nice thankx P

  • Pics on my timeline. Action shots too.