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Rest stop at 7-11 while out on a night ride.

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  • I'm just sayin man I get like a chicken head in a club when I see a baller walk thru the door when I see that zx14.... beast mode my dude.

  • Thanks Michael Djkrockk Knight

  • Do yall got helmet laws down there?

  • No we can ride without one but I always do.

  • Okay cool we have them in Maryland so I like to ride to Penn alot they dont have one either. I would only wear a helmet in Penn is if I was on the interstate. Bugs be deep on the highway, but in the city & country roads the helmet comes of... lol

  • That's cool....I hate the bugs myself. My eyes tear up when riding without a helmet and makes it hard to see.

  • These are the glasses I use. Keeps the wind out my eyes. 15 dollars. Made by Choppers.

  • You can see the sponge lining that keeps the wind out

  • Okay thanks for sharing

  • NP