Photos from Louise Cave's post

Greetings from Australia.. .A few pics of my girls to warm your northern hemisphere hearts... ;)

  • Awesome

  • Im in australia too

  • Best place in the world to be :)

  • It is, gets a bit warm some days to even go outside though

  • Ugh

  • Heloooo hohoho.

  • wow snow

  • Bloody freezing here nice hooters by the way

  • Haha!

  • Bikes and boobs works for me, whatever the cold is it will allways warms me up :)

  • I'm a girl..I ride. And don't feel the need to post tit pics. It's humorous the shit some females do. Lol

  • Its called an attention whore, what else would attract all the comments and likes. Lol the bike was enough to post.

  • It's called a bit of fun, I'm sorry if you're offended by it but it's hardly a revealing pic lol

  • Not offended at all. There's a difference between being offended and saying posting tit pics is trashy.

  • She has been revived

  • nice :-)

  • Louise Cave Dont you listen to that Mandy Thomas.., I thought it was very tasteful :-D

  • Andy Meeks I have told you before , if it has boobs or tyres it's trouble , I should know ..... I have both