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A little 6 hour tootal today around our lovely Welsh border roads , lovely and sunny , but heated grips were used , washed and ready for the next outting , lowering kit worked a treat , almost all of my feet on the floor , and apparently easy to fit , thanks Stephen Edgar

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  • Don't forget I have a brand new pillion cover available for sale in candy red

  • Thank you , I won't forget but firstly I want chain & sprocks , followed by new cans , then tail tidy and on order are custom tank and yoke pads

  • My first buy was cycling shorts £8 more padding the better 3hr my arss is killing me lol

  • Funny that , cos I thought about those today , I shall put them on my list

  • Lol .. look at the girlie version

  • That's them but not my colour lol

  • Yup cycling shorts, kwaks are famous for plank seats

  • You gonna tinker with the sprocket teeth?

  • I'll have a new sprocket

  • Okay. Don't mind me asking how many teeth for the front and rear sprocket?

  • I dunno , why?

  • 16 front 41 rear