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Cleaning and setting up it's done :)

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  • It's very easy . 30min work :)

  • Am I right in saying undo the bottom 2 bolts ( one on the shock and on on the 2 link bars ) then undo the bolt holding the top in ( hole in the frame ) and that's it.

  • First undo the little plastic fearing then you must undo the rack what holds the plastick fearing 3 bolt , then two bolt what holding the shock on top and one down of shock and that's it . But do not forgot lift the real side of bike cause then won't come out the shock

  • Awsum cheers mate. There's £100 saved. Nice one

  • Perfect :) where you based ?

  • Based in leicester mate

  • If you do it with just a paddock stand expect a bit of trouble

  • It's bit far from me :/ I couldn't help , for me was much more easier with the paddock stand

  • I've got ratchet straps that I can hang from the roof of the garage and paddock stand aswell so can adjust the height either way.

  • Cool then it's will be easy

  • Yep...thats what I meant