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    My baby was fitted with power commander and to be honest guys it's fucking awesome! Massive difference!!!!!! 202bhp !!!!!

    • PC will not remove the lambda (o2 eliminator needed). It also will not remove the top speed limiter.

      With akras, no baffles, no cats (all 3 removed) and a filter i made 204 at the fly. 187 at the wheel.

      That was by chris at CJS in Bristol.

      There is no way you are 200+ at the wheel unless the dyno is niles out. Yes they do feel like a different bike mid range, but you will be roughly where i am.

      Your mechanic seems to have fed you some

    • Over 100BHP is almost wasted on the road, most have massive chicken strips.....

    • The old girl loves the abuse!!

    • Yep, I also heard from my mechanic that even the zzr14 2g does not have plus 200bhp, he showed me graphs. The ECU flash will not add much bhp but the overall performance will be well improved. It's quite complicated task, plus 4h of labour needed apparently

    • Ive seen dyno results on the gen 2 of 220s at the back wheel!! On cans and a remap

    • Mine makes 250 at the camshaft

    • Come on its never wasted :).

    • Camshaft ? :)

    • He he he :) camshaft ... that's make me laugh

    • Yep,there's a special connection there that only Spiderman knows....

    • I wonder either it's because of differences in bikes, dynos or mechanics? :-)

    • David, you are sooo wrong! I heard that was Batman! :-)

    • Dam....My secret is out!!!call Spiderman and tell him the deals blown!!!!!

    • Camshaft

    • Yes,it's a secret measuring location (but don't tell the purple unicorn!)

    • Hehe...cool