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Hi guys, renthal bars fitted, what a difference they've made. Now in a good upright riding position.

Does anyone want to buy the DFC ENGINEERING risers i fitted a couple of months ago, £40.00 plus postage.

It'll pay for the longer brake lines I've got to buy. Cheers.

  • Me I have pm you

  • Damn you Muffy ... lol

  • If Muffy tries to short change you or scam you in any way I'll have them .. :D

  • Gavin I might struggle to get my brake lines to stretch the extra 20mm if i cant fit them ill give you first refusal's

  • Don't you only need the one brake line to the splitter on forks?

  • I was talking to les ;)

  • Hence the quick deletion lol shhhhh

  • That the way to go with the bars... Mine handles so much better

  • I haven't got a splitter on mine Ben, both lines go straight to master cylinder, think I'd prefer to keep it that way to be honest.

  • Is it a standard cylinder???