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We'll after giving it a much needed wash & polish the sky went black & its pouring down with rain & hailing!

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  • cool man

  • Thanks for the complement Joao, because the tank is quite fat at the front a lot of clip ons will hit the tank so you have to make a steering lock to prevent this denting the tank, but that hampers you putting the steering lock on when leaving your bike. Also reduces your steering.

  • I think the burgundy and grey was the best colour scheme - lovely condition bike, fella!

  • Sweet bike!

  • Nice bike. I replaced my clubman bars for the same reason. I bought some Renthal ultra low bars and now have a nice riding position but the original steering lock.

  • With these bars fitted I can get full steering & the lock works too & well clear of the tank.

  • Lee, your motorcycle looks perfect. Beautiful bike!

  • Thanks Robert, I haven't changed that much of it just enough to be a little different.

  • It's nice to see all of the various personalizations and modifications that folks make ontheir rides. But there's an art to achieving a certain "rightness" to a bike, while maintaining its essential character.

  • And just look at the engine... really lovely condition.. my black parts/cilinders needs some touching up