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Bought a Kawasaki GTR1000 a few months ago, hope to get out in better weather

Any advise, tips, hits or groups on these bikes, is the engine a GPZ900/1000 or 1000RX lump

Cheers :-)

  • In the US there is COG (Concours Owners Group), very helpful. I had one up to 63,000 miles, great machine.

  • Based on the 1000rx, you can fit rx cams etc

  • Thanks for the info :-)

  • Don't drop it you'll never get it back up there bloody heavy beasts

  • bad enough moving it around inside garage

  • I love my GTR. Most comfortable bike I've ever ridden. Great for pillions too. Fast with a great range from the fuel tank. Exhausts are rot prone as are the centre stands. Tyre wear and disc/pad wear can be dramatic depending on how you ride. Handling good but forks are very soft. I have fitted spacers in mine which help.

  • yep big seat, and tank is massive 28L, good tip for forks, cheers :-)

  • I'd start riding it now though, really lets you appreciate the fairing and you don't really get wet if you're moving. You will get very hot legs in summer though. I have other bikes so the gtr gets little use when it's hot!

  • same as my Ducati ST2 feel the heat wave at traffic lights coming up around tank and fairing

  • The engine is based on a 1000RX, but detuned for more torque. You can fit GPZ900R/GPZ1000RX cams as they are identical, and you get about 5/6 more horsepower. The carbs is where you can gain the most increase as they are pretty titchy on these.

    That said, why bother? It's a nice bike to go touring on, and ouring isn't about how fast you can go ;)