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Cleaned and waxed the beast. Ready for some good fall riding in North Georgia

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  • Is that the Jardine backrest?

  • the twin

  • The triplet

  • Time for a new photo somewhere else of your Bike, Steve Miller... Like going off a cliff, lol !!! Hahaha

  • Bwahahaha I actually laughed out loud at that Mike.

  • Steve Miller how about stopping at the edge for a photo without going over??? I meant to say... NOT !!!

  • Maybe next to another 04 ... You All need to stick together...

  • We outnumber you buddy boy...just watch.

  • Steve Miller thought you were riding this weekend ??? You home already ???

  • No, we stopped at a tavern on the way for lunch

  • We are home is filthy!

  • Is that the cobra 2 in 1 pipes

  • Hard Krome , Picked them up used.

  • I like the extra support bar on the back rest luggage rack. Mine has the hole for it but didn't come with bar

  • Steve Miller, I would be proud to have a photo of my Bike where this photo was taken. Very Proud !!!

  • It's 5 minutes from my house. It's a beautiful place. My uncle just recently past and is here. It will give you chills and tears to come here during holidays, seeing all the respect and services.

  • My favourite place to ride "locally" is in the North GA Mountains. I live in Marietta. Maybe we'll meet up sometime! :)