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Well got a free kdx200 and a blaster with a ttr250 i purchased for 400$. I have always been a fan of older bikes. So this one will be getting a full oem restoration. Does anyone know where i can get shock seals and shims ect? Rear shock is blown. Plastics are red and were sadly painted, they will be stripped and refinished or if possible replaced. Tank as well will be stripped and refinished professionally. Does anyone know where to get an oem headlight/shroud i have checked ebay with no luck. Good thing is it runs and well surprisingly. The rest of everything will be powdercoated oem colors.

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  • I almost sold it just because i didnt need another bike and just finished restoring my 73 ts250 enduro. But it looks like i have another neat project at hand!

  • Please post the TS

  • I will have to take some pictures. It was more of a sentimental restore as it was my grandfathers

  • My wife and I have a 74 TS185 and a 75 TS400. Couple of PE400' also

  • Very cool! I am just starting to really enjoy the vintage stuff. Its a whole new challenge to ride something with sub-par suspension and frame geometry.

  • What are you guys running as far as jetting goes with the stock airbox, foam filter and stock exhaust? I may have to replace the stock silencer as it has a crack.

  • Also i checked dc plastics. are the red fenders a special order? As i didnt see them listed.

  • You should be able to weld the crack

  • I can weld it no problem. Its just so old and tired looking...i would really like a nice aftermarket, period correct exhaust system other than dg.

  • I believe you have to call them and ask. They only show the green plastics on their site.

  • I like the dg series also

  • Just call. They will make them. Easy to deal with.