Photos from Knud Müller's post

My Lady

  • That's one bad bike man!!! What are those slip ons??

  • Black is the new chrome

  • What is the chin scoop off of or who makes it? Looks so much like my Wife's Low and Mean Scoop on her Meanstreak nearly identical Looks like you may have in larged a L/M scoop to fit the beast.

  • Yes,the Scoop is from Meanstreak.

  • Did you have to widen it? I have the Corbin Shroud on mine it looks good but it's kinda boxie. I like the way that Meanie scoop looks You must have had to widen it no?

  • Only litle work to fit.

  • Did Delta Customs do the rear rim as well? And what size is it?

  • Yes they do.The size is 8.0x18 and the wheel is 240/40 R18 Metzeler Marathon 880.

  • Thanks. Looks awesome

  • Really nice bike you have there :-) Love especially the slip-ons and the backrest.

  • Dit you paint the fork or vinyl wrap it? And what about the head lamp? All paint?

  • Today the fork and headlight are coated with a spezial vinyl from "foliatec', for testing the look. Next week the goes back to Delta Custom an than fork and headlight gets a powder coating.

  • All right. I'll probably do the same thing

  • Those the Baron Kong Ape Hangers? What is the rise and are they shoulder height? Where did you get the lines and cables?