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Never stripped a bike before, fairings away for a respray, gonna miss the daily ride for couple weeks

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  • Take plenty of pictures as you go so when you start to put back together you have a reference.

  • It's a pity the bodywork holds the lights and indicators, otherwise you could still ride it without the plastic.

  • You could change the clock bulbs for LEDs while you're at it, I put blue ones in mine and they only cost a couple of quid.

  • I have removed all the fairings for a respray too, I'm going to look for leds tomorrow :)

  • thanks Roland (y)

  • £2.29 for four.

  • I would also like the LED Headlight. :)

  • So would I, but I have drawer full of H4 bulbs, so I'm not short of them.

  • Did mine too Roland, big difference, got led headlight as well, huge coverage on dipped, bout same on full beam..

  • I got 10 led bulbs for about £2 10 days delivery though

  • I always use freezer bags / sharpy / camera . Saves loads of problems .