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decided to bite the bullet and replace my exhaust with this bad boy,

Unfortunately its only my downpipes thats rotted, i will have original end cans available from my original faster C when fitted.

pics of my faster c pipes on previous posts..

not really what i was wanting as replacement but will be a stop gap till my 6 numbers come

%d comments
  • quite curious as to what this will sound like, anyone any vids of their micron?

  • LOUD????

  • hope so, will please neighbours at 5am mornings lol

  • mr ms next comment on here?? Anyone fit this fer nowt???

  • he wid tackle it himsell? but his tool box is one pair oh vice grips anda lollipop stick lol

  • dont 4get the haynes manual i used to have before it went missing lol

  • Faster C...

  • proper loud sounds like a faster "D"