Photos from Kevin Merchant's post

  • Sry guys, sorted now, think I'll get it powder coated to tidy it up.

  • Could have made u up the spacers mate.

  • Cheers Ian

  • I bought my rack with no fitting kit (ebay) so made them up on mates lathe.

  • I was lucky the guy had all the bits, needing a tidy up tho, gonna get it powder coated. Will look better then

  • I bought a givi maxia52 top box at a car boot sale..£20..snapped his hand off!

  • Nice, I went for the £30 ebay job, does the trick and keeps er indoors from falling off back

  • Ride solo but handy for beer runs/chinese/indians in summer..;)

  • powder coats not worth it IMHO.

    once you get a chip it comes away and corrosion sets in. you can get hammerite in a spray can that gives a good finish

  • Cheers Matthew, will have a look in halfords

  • Hamerite done the trick .cheers Matthew