Photos from Kevin Lake's post

  • maybe you can see it now?

  • what kind of bags are those? look good and am looking for large flip open to side because of my trunk as well.

  • Mutazu 283900002 Vivid Black RS Hard Saddlebags. $306.00 from amazon. bolted right to the factory brackets. i made a L piece of metal to help give support underneath.

  • thx!

  • if google mutazu saddlebags their site shows all their bags and colors they come in.

  • how is the workmanship in the materials? Flimsy or sturdy? and good locks/hinges? curious as my last "inexpensive" set were on the low scale of the quality from water seal, to sturdiness of the molded plastic.

  • their abs plastic. not the strongest. just put them on yesterday so can't tell you alot. like any lock only keeps honest people honest. i live in arizona so things getting wet doesn't happen here much.

  • I've got the same bike, what fairing is that? I've been looking for one that will work with the big light and the only one I've found is very expensive!

  • i know what your saying about price anthony. i this on amazon for $139.00 and free shipping. it's for a 7" headlight but i made a pattern and cut it out to fot and then made bracket that use the windshield mounting points and then put a 3 pocket widshield set on it. Universal Vivid Black Front Fairing Batwing with Tinted Windshield for Cruiser. part # 23890073

  • spent 13 hours and 470 miles riding this bike around arizona today and i love it.