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Just picked up this '83? kdx was a 175 has a 250 jug and piston and restroked. Picked it up for $300 thought clutch was shot but the guy didn't put case on correct so thrust bearing wasn't in right. Took it out for a test ride and shifter sticks bad I've been told its a bent shift rod. Could use some help with some parts, I need an airbox and filter, also missing headlight and speedo, kill switch, front sprocket guard. Was there a keyed switch on this or no? Also I ran out of gears really quick down the trail what sprockets should I get? Any help would be appreciated

  • That looks like a '83 200 not a 175. The standard bore on a 200 is 66mm but when they're sleeved they can go to around 72 or 73 mm which will give you around 240 cc.

  • Good luck sourcing a front headlight and an air box. Speedo is gonna be a unicorn as well. I would bump it up 1 tooth in the front

  • I am in the process of restoring a red 84' so many of the problems you may come across i prolly ran into. Feel free to message me

  • Well thanks for giving me the heads up of the struggle I'm in for. Lol. I'm sure we will be talking a lot.

  • They are downright terrible to get parts for lol. Im talkin 115$ for a carb boot if you can find a nos one -_- . Dc plastics make awesome repo plastics if you need a headlight shroud call them up.

  • Pretty standard gearing for 200s to have 13/48 sprockets on them.

  • Yeah they put on 11/52 !!! Explains why I ran out if gears. Lol thanks