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After one week of being a Teryx owner . I have logged 12 miles on my machine taken it apart twice removed the cat in the tail pipe added v force johns dynatek fuel control and a 5000lbs winch. I would like wheel spacer has anyone else done this . If so how big of spacer or pics of your ride.

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  • How did cutting the cat out help

  • Before 2"spacers

  • After 2" spacers

  • I put 2inch on my 16

  • 2in spacers all around

  • 2 inch spacers all around....

  • 2 in all the way around

  • The spacers look nice did anyone notice a negative change in handling

  • does anyone know if those spacers will work with stock steel wheels? I know it sounds like a dumb question but someone said something about using a aftermarket wheel with more offset along with a spacer and that drilling may be required on the steel wheels. I have a 2013 teryx 4 LE camo came with camo steel wheels was just curious is any of that was true because I could use some on mine as well. Thanks!

  • Kevin Jones there is no negative change on mine I will never take mine off its a lot more stable on hills

  • Just ran into this problem... I actually have ITP wheels, but they are not tapered holes, they are flat like stock wheels... My spacers used tapered lug nuts and the ITP's use the flat factory style lug nuts... Strangely odd, because I thought all aftermarket wheels would have the beveled holes, but not these... So once I went to put wheels on spacers they fit snug as hell..a little tighter than I'd like so I drilled the hole 1/64th bigger... Still snug but unfortunately they need to be because you don't have the beveled lugs to center on studs, drill to big and take a chance of wheel shifting around on studs... But yes you can do it...

  • okay awesome thank you for the reply I will look into doing that on mine just didnt want to start working on it and something not work lol thanks again!

  • Kyle Wendel no problem post a pic once you get it done...this is mine before..

  • After

  • Okay I will that looks sick you can see a huge difference that is what I am after I do alot of woods riding and hill climbing so that will add some nice stability

  • Blain Cooper what was the size of the drill bit you used to make the holes bigger I was going to order me some spacers and go ahead and get a bit so I have it all ready to go thanks

  • 1/2" I believe is 1/64th bigger than stock hole.. Give me a little bit and I'll double check

  • Okay awesome thank you

  • Satv 2 inch will work with stock rims

  • Okay awesome thank you I was going to order me some Friday

  • I have them all the way around on my 15 t4 and there 2 inch lift

  • Okay awesome I will buy those thanks for the info I'll get some

  • Kyle Wendel yes it was 1/2"... Like i said, they were still snug... You may even go. 1/64th bigger than 1/2".. But I would start w, 1/2" and try that first..

  • Okay great thank you! If I need to I will make sure I have a bit handy!