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am stripping and selling this in bits minus the forks due to my accident recently. the forks are the only damage i can see :)

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  • Yeah... No point going OEM for that stuff... It's a pain to find a place to do it around here though. Which means the bike will be out of order for a couple weeks... Unless it gets another wheel :P

  • That sucks! Here in Germany most off the new bike dealer are not able to change spokes or they want a hell of money! They only repair and Service modern bikes with three- or five- spoke wheels. The old school how to change spokes quick and safe is gone. I was happy to find someone fair 300km away for it.

  • will have to work out some prices. Am moving the old girl to my workshop next Monday then she shall be stripped of her assets. :)

  • Fair enough. Let us know. ;)

  • In fairness ... respoking a wheel properly is time consuming.

  • We know a guy that laces wheels from his home. The man is an artist, a great skill he has no one interested to pass on to. The Fella would like to learn but hasn't the time.

  • If the transaction goes through Jonathan Pine, I'll bid you for your damaged rear wheel.

  • Lacing and truing wheels can be satisfying and enjoyable. The trick is to go slow and be patient. It's like riding a good crooked stretch of road .... smooth becomes fast over time. Raven .... why don't you take this up? Requires minimal space. Very few tools. People would appreciate it. :)

  • It may be something for the future, you never know.

  • I should add ... Of course, it should be profitable, too.

  • kev its a pity yove decided to scrap it is it due to the prang? That I can understand. Are you thinking of buying another?