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Well that some of the prep done and some of the base colour done, poor old sprayer been calling me all the names under the sun for letting it get so bad.......

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  • You going with original colour scheme Ken?

  • Not as far as I know, this is the first ive seen since me mate took it away, from what little hes given away thats just the base colour befor he starts airbrushing.....

  • Ooh, I love surprise paintjobs.

  • Its definitely gonna be a surprise...........

  • Haha, my mate,a pro sprayer,did his son's Gixxer while he was away on honeymoon, brightest pink Gixxer ever with Barbie doll murals. Oh yeah, we did the outside of his house to match and inside the garage waiting for him was his XR3i (in Pink) hope your sprayer isn't called Old Man

  • Hope he doesn't read this or it might just end up looking like that....... lol