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Right guys this is a big ask but would anybody be able to help me with some parts for this old girl, need to get her back on the road , such a shame to break one owner very low miles , so if anyone as any parts lying around that they could gift me or small price that would be much appreciated thanks

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  • John Mckelvie broke one in those colours this week but he's a business man so will want paying I'm afraid but he can help and he's prices are good

  • Cheers , He was meant to be letting me know when he broke the bluey/green one he had ,but he didn't, and he's meant to be letting me know about the one he has this colour but hasn't yet still waiting ,

  • He's a busy boy I'm sure its just slipped his mind

  • I didn't mention it Kel, as I assumed you'd seen my Motorcycles Recycled post that I shared last night, the paintwork on my breaker is rough as badgers bum

  • Top Fairing isn't off yet, and someone else has first refusal on it, but I have others if not fussed on colour, prices circa £100 on undamaged tops, but I have all the rear panels/indicators etc, every single panel on this one will need painting to make them mint

  • Have you broke this one yet John Mckelvie

  • yes mate, broken up and moved on, very sad as it was one of the nicest ones i'd had for years, tried to restore but not financially viable

  • Yes I know it was a clean bike, my dad was the one who offered you £500 for the body work, and was waiting on you to let him know when it was all off ready for him, he lost your number

  • Well he had a lucky escape then, I was running the complete mint kit on one of of my own bikes then out of the blue the fuel tank started puking fuel everywhere, followed up by the non standard exhaust burning through the left hand lower