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Batwing faring

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  • Keith, where did you get the bat wing? I have an 04 and have been looking.

  • Its a Memphis Shades batwing #2330-0023, the company claims it will not fit a VN2000 with the bug eye headlamp.......BUT with some small mounting bracket mods, it worked no problem......The mounting kit was( MEMPHIS SHADES QUICK CHANGE MOUNT KITS FATS/SLIM KAWASAKI VN2000 VULCAN 06-07 Manufacturer Part Number 2321-0012.....My NV2000 is a 2004

  • Thanx for the info. What kind of mods did you do?

  • The mounting brackets fit the forks OK, they are not tall enough, so I went to lowes got a 1/2 x 12 aluminum bar($7.95) and cut so size, then bolted alum bar to brackets, drilled four holes in alum bars that the faring bolts onto.

  • Or if your a metal worker kind of guy, I thought about cutting mounting brackets and adding the length to them and welding, but I went for the bolt together way of mounting. Also, the faring has a small V shape part in the nose that in glued in place that rests on the top of the headlamp, I removed it, it might have been OK, but it was hard to try to get the spacing figured out with the v shape part pushing the faring upwards

  • Good to know. Thanx for the info. Do you think you can get a picture of your handy work?

  • Yeah Yeah, we like pics!

  • how is the air flow it clean air or is there still buffeting

  • Air flow is very, very clean

  • where did you buy? I couldn't find one that fit the Nacelle headlight. Does it have a finished interior option?