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Hey guys so I'm kicking around the idea of selling my 1995 kdx 200, I love the damn thing but it's hard finding the time to ride it but won't give it away either or have to sell it! I've had it for almost two years now and I bought it from an older gentleman I went to church with and he had bought it from a motorcycle mechanic! The bike is mint, has a full fmf pipe setup on it, hand guards, grips and some other small upgrades! Tires are like new and the clutch feels like it isn't that old and is still a little sticky so maybe upgraded clutch but can't prove it! Anyone know what it's worth? Just looking for a ball park o see if it's worth my time sellin it! Pics are of my bike

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  • Awesome bike man..looks good..My advice would be to check your local craigslist and trade and sell sites...and get a ballpark of what their going for. your bike is more showroom than rider condition, so raise the bar a little bit above the average.

  • Hahah thanks man! Yeah I think I'm gonna throw it on Craigslist an see if anyone bites haha! Still on edge of sellin it since I know what is and what it can handle but she sits too much...

  • They sell for about 1200 to 1500 all day but not in near as good of condition. I'd say 2000 2500 for one in that shape

  • Haha that's what I'm thinkin

  • Only fault is it's got a crack in the headlight bezel....anyone know where I can get another one??

  • If you ha e to replace it I'd do it with a better light. They're not very expensive. Look on eBay

  • That's a sweet bike man! I use to have a 200 and loved it!

  • Hahaa thanks man

  • Kelly blue book.