• Photos from Kaz Minoyama's post

    New seat cover & stainless spokes

    • That sounds like the baffles are taken out...

    • it have baffles.

      but little bit big sound.

      check my youtube account bigote68

    • The Easyrider's "Roundly" Silencers?

    • I don't know. when I bought, it's second hand already.

    • Nice deep sound!

    • Kaz Minoyamaさん、日本人だったんですね。

    • はいそうです。 アメリカは1980年からです。

    • Man I live in the wrong country. Here they confiscate the exhaust and you pay around 1200$ for fines and costs...

    • Sorry to hear that, Michael. What country is it that you live in?

    • A silent country...