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With this screen has anyone else been limited with their turning? I had the screen in the lowest position and the handle bars caught on the screen..resulting in me nearly dropping the bike..the screen came with the should i change the screen to one that allows me to have it in the lowest position and also be able to turn or does this happen with others?

  • Puig on mine and not a problem


  • I have a power bronze and it's spot on.

  • I got a tinted Puig (with nice green bolts!) looks a lot better than the stock, I can't say I've noticed much more wind protection, but then I always keep it at the lowest setting unless it's raining

  • Still got the standard one at the moment but looking for a replacement

  • The puis I fitted in 2011 is perfect. I use to use it low on summer et middle on winter cause it S so Damn could out there ;-) looking so good also

  • Puig sorry

  • Dnt see the point in an adjustable screen they look pig ugly raised up and dnt do anything and when lowered fully just says I wish I'd got a zx10r but I can't handle the power

  • Totally agree they look ugly as hell raised! Just use it as a last resort in pissing rain or on long journeys

  • Any recommendations on winter tyres? I have a daily 30 mile commute..on A and B roads..Thanks

  • Mitchelin pilot road 4s fantastic

  • They are used when you use the bike on winter... But it S not for everybody....

  • Ben: yes for that too exactly. However going around on middle or high is bad to see but you don't care when it S 7 am and it S -5