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Another 2006 Kawasaki Drifter 800 up for sale. She currently has 13,281 miles and has been well cared for by myself. Unfortunately the last owner wasn't as loving and there's a little bit of pitting on the headlight and upper fork covers (you can see in the picture). I've also added quite a few custom touches to the bike including:

- Corbin two-up saddle

- Matching Osprey Limited saddlebags

- Custom modified Osprey mountain brackets to match the Corbin saddle. All work was done by a local fabricator and includes custom hardware to ensure perfect fit.

- Custom fishtail pipes w/ header wrap (you can hear them in the video, they sound killer).

- Custom engraved "Drifter" air cleaner w/ K&N filter by Thunder Mfg.

The bike was properly jetted by a local mechanic after the pipes and air cleaner were installed. In his words the bike "pulled harder than most of the Sportsters" he's worked on.

I'm also including the stock solo saddle (not pictured).

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  • Is the bike for sale?

  • Yep. There was supposed to be a full description but Facebook apparently dropped it along with the same price and location.