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Hey Wnerds! Here's a 2000 W living in Chicago. I've had it for 4 years and I'm still excited to have it.

It's been sitting for a while now since I have been plagued with snowy weather and I suspect I need to clean the carbs for next season. Here's my question, how many of you have done the needle shim mod on your W? Is it worth doing? Also, my airbox and exhaust is all still stock.

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  • you can take a look at this instead

  • Julian Baker some years ago I had the same problems. Cleaning the carburators was not the solution. Finally, I discovered that the TPS cable was not well connected. If this is not enough, before taking off the carbs, you can also try to empty the float chambers of the carbs. 444&hilit=impurit%C3%A0+nei+carburatori#p1440

  • Let us known :)

  • I've been pestered by my carbs for years, until I changed them for second hand ones, hope it won't be your case.

  • Wilfrid Lefebvre c'est toi? Le sanglier? :)

  • B-man Juang thanks for the info! The Bakudan-kit is really interesting. The photos were just from my iphone 4. Giacomo Rollo thats interesting too, I've wondered what the purpose of the sensor is before. I had a friend with a T100 bonneville that just disconnected the TPS on his bike...

  • Oui Giacomo c'est moi! mais comment connais-tu l'histoire? ;-)

  • oink oink j'étais la! wistade 2009 que de bonnes souvenirs

  • ben merde alors faut que je recherche dans les photos, salut l'ami!

  • Giacomo je vois pas le button ajouter sur ta page, envois moi une demande toi!