Photos from Josh Coones's post

Loose reed screw blew her up:/

Almost got her back together tho! 92 kx 500

Fresh Port and polish

.5mm over bore

Polished cylinder

chrome metallic silver paint

Carbon fiber wrapped forks

FMF fatty/ FMF power core silencer

Boyesen cage/ reeds

17/44t sprockets

  • No just half a mm over lol I wish 5

  • you've not seen the point ;-)

  • your eyesight is a problem.

  • Lol. Yep. Josh did write that it has a point 5mm over bore, you just can't see the .

  • So u must of had it replated ?

  • I didn't but the guy I bought it from did

  • I thought 4mm over was the biggest they went on a kx500

  • 1mm, .040" is the biggest. Until you use a CR piston

  • My k5 is plated 2mm .080 with a wiseco 575m0880..They can be sleeved bigger than that..