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    My old versys and sportster I have now. As much as I love the sporty I miss the versys. It really is the most practical bike on the market dollar for dollar. As of now the sportster is on Craigslist and I'm on the hunt for another versys. Wish me luck guys.

    • That's why I have and love both a Sporty and Versys.

    • Yeah I have two bikes also. Two different kinds of riding. Versys and Honda CTX1300 Deluxe.

    • I also had a sportster, and found it very limited for my riding. Now I have a Versys and it takes me everywhere, with more speed, more MPGs, better handling and my hands aren't numb from being vibrated to death on the sportster anymore

    • The Sportster wasn't made for long distance touring. I love the low end torque of HD, and I find it a comfortable bike for around town and day trips. My longest ride so far has been 500 miles (800km), and could have ridden longer. Both of my bikes have their strong suit, and that's why I own them. I need to get my '94 BMW R1100 RSL back on the road. For me, motorcycling is a disease.

    • Where are you located? I know of two in Central Pennsylvania.

    • New York.