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Selling on behalf of a friend. 1989 kx500 with SR500 motor. Pics show everything you need to see. The two piece clutch cover is available seperately. Ohlins Kawasaki front forks. The bike isn't ridden often at all,(2/3times last year) former factory Kawasaki rider Laurence Spence can vouch for the motor being an SR.

Because of the SR motor the seller is wanting £7500.

Interested buyers please message me for the sellers details,

The bike is in Ireland but we can arrange for it to be brought to England.

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  • so 7.5 k and you need to pay extra for the 2 piece clutch cover? LOL

  • Messaged you.

  • I believe the clutch cover is included in the sale.

  • is it rotted out in the water pump? hence why not fitted

  • I don't know, I'm selling on behalf of someone else. I can give you the sellers number if you want to discuss it.

  • How often do you come across complete SR500 works motors?

  • i've had 3 or 4 . still have one

  • Please say you ain't building it up with they Ikea screws ?

  • Daniel Schonwalder , the factory sr screws are alloy cross heads . those in the pic are not correct but close. obviously you dont know much about Works Kawasaki SR engines

  • Sr case screw

  • Every sr I've seen uses flat head/ single slot bolts. Not they ones, so obviously Jon Strudwick you should go stop being a knob

  • Daniel Schonwalder . a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. stick to what you know. Also i wouldn't go name calling its easy being a keyboard warrior , save it for when you see someone face to face if you want to name call .lol

  • Your initial reply makes me think you are a knob, so the way you worded your words of wisdom saying "obviously you don't know much..." is kinda being a arse. So therefor you in my opinion are a knob. That is my opinion, take it or leave it, all I said is I hope you're not using Ikea bolts

  • Jordan Kennedy my buddy owns 12

  • Daniel Schonwalder i think the being an arse is with you saying ikea screws . has said before save the abuse for when you see somebody face to face WEE Man . lol

  • Heres mine

  • Well they do look like the Shite bolts you'd get on a Ikea piece. Am I wrong ?also RussellWilliamson's bike hasn't got them does it... maybe he modified his Ikea ones

  • your wrong

  • Jonathon Bell,please don't mind my lack of knowledge on the SR ,I have a bunch of K5s,but what exactly makes a SR engine special ?? I've been building & racing k5s most my life & havnt ever seen an SR engine in person..

  • Jeff I can't honestly tell you. All I know is that the crank and the porting are special. Two piece clutch cover,... after that I would need to speak to someone that really knows. This bike belongs to a good friend of Laurence Spence ( former factory GP Kawasaki rider) he has quite a bit of factory stuff from back in the day. I'm told the main bearings were "huge" to eliminate a lot of vibration.

    ...I have never had any factory parts through my hands,... I'm not really into that stuff.

  • I'm kinda curious now,all I know about them is there kinda like unicorns,u hear about them but never actually see them..Gonna have to do some research now..

  • Factory engine kawasaki.......ssssshhhhh

  • Larger mains, gearbox, shift forks and drum ,lightweight and balanced, ported, clutch cover ,powervalves , clutch basket basically everything etc etc

  • Why dont you buy it Rusty ,you know I would look after it until the next time you come over .I wouldnt even charge for storage !

  • Spending all my money to come to farleigh this year lol

  • Russell Williamson See you there ,unless I make it to Conondale first

  • 2nd pic ward 1990