• Photos from Jonathon Bell's post

    Still have these available for kx 500, 250 & 125

    • Seat brackets Will b available in 8 to 10 days

    • Are the footpeg hangers from steel or aluminium ? :-)

    • Steel. Much stronger than stock

    • And what is the price of these beauties?

    • Oh both the footpeg hanger and the silencer bracket ?

    • Jonathon Bell what kind of steel - stock is also steel, but soft like butter.

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    • Foitpeg hangar is £45 Inc shipping

      Exhaust bracket is £35 Inc shipping

    • what's these seat brackets like Ivan Mcbride Jonathon Bell are these fancy one's or standard one, got any pictures

    • No pics yet

      Nothing fancy about them.

    • Just like stanard but cmc machined

    • pm me a picture when there about ivan would be much appreciated mate

    • No probs hope to have them in a week

    • How much is a pipe mount. Kx500

    • £35 Inc shipping to uk mainland

    • Would you post the pipe mount to Australia and how much postage?

    • I just sent two to Australua last week. £40 will cover it.

    • Messaged you