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2003 kx 500 for sale. Just had a complete engine overhaul. New mains, seals, rod and piston and steel liner. Only had 2 warm up cycles since rebuild. Starts easy and sounds healthy. £3750.

  • Jamie Williams

  • Do you have a 2004 for sale?

  • Not at the moment, I have one coming but not for some time.

  • Okay


  • £3750 = € 4840

  • Sa fait cher presque 5000 euros tu en a un neuf de 250cc 2 temps cross il faut arrêter de mettre des prix vraiment pas raisonnable ........

  • If you think it's not reasonable Patrick try buying a KX 500 from your local dealer, oh, they dont make them any more

  • Tu peut pensé comme tu veut ces juste mon point de vue , maintenant t'en mieux pour toi si tu la vend .....

  • What is a new bike worth in 5 years? EVO and Twinshock bikes either stay the same value or increase

  • A attandant moi si tu veut neuf dans l'emballage je peut t'avoir un 250cc CR pour 5000Euros ces quand tu veut le Jonathon......

  • Hi Jonathan, I've pm'd you, re the 03. Regards, Mark.

  • No pm received.

  • 07976 392719 For anyone wanting to contact me about this bike or others that are on the way.

  • Probably a senior moment on my behalf! I'll try and give you a bell tomorrow.