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One ride in the wet this winter and white fur in lots of place and discs like this.... My daily commuter (Honda!) completely unmarked. Not impressed with my first Kwak since my GPx 750 many moons ago.

  • Buy another brand then we're happy with our bikes.

  • I agree, as much as I like the bike, it really is a good bike, the quality of the components leave alot to be desired. Mine looks like it's over 5 years old, corrosion here, there. Sure I noticed some flaking paint on the engine casing last week. Its only 12 months old....

  • Yeh there not cheap either . My busa is now 3 years old but is still looking good on that score . Although to be fair it doesn't see much rain

  • 7 winters commuting and still looking good

  • Kawasaki finish has never been great.if it corrodes, powder coat it lol

  • I love mine its a super bike but silly things like rust on the rear disc and I do have a suspect problem that could be a wheel bearing with only 11k on the clock and yet I put over 40 k on the last Suzuki and it was like new .

  • Exactly why I would never buy one. On my old Kwak..every screw I took out the thread came with it....shockingly shit. Suzuki and Yam are leaps ahead. Alarming amounts of electrical corrosion probs on the 14 esp on the back of the ECU.

  • Best not to ride them in the wet

  • Cant really see it but the wheels were shitty as hell. I cleaned them up pretty good and they went again.

  • The black bracket that holds the rear brake pipes, the one near the foot guard is flaking paint, it's only £8ish but that isn't the point. :( Apart from that, the ABS rings and the rear brake pipe routing brackets go all white and furry and it's a pain to clean them. I may take them off, sandblast them and get them anodised or powder coated at some point.

  • Blimey!!!! Never mind the beast that is the ZX10! That's a 'buzz by' van in the background. I worked for BT Consumer Electronics back in (circa!) 1993

  • Try to use 3M compound #1000 &2000.

    Getting much better.

  • 13 k 45 year old.

  • Looks like you're using aluminium wheel cleaner which is for aluminium and not for paint