Photos from John Pearce's post


As far as i know these are both W650 main stands.

Any idea why they are different lengths?

The longer one is the type on my 1999 W.

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  • 3rd Picture shows the side stand as the Looped lever to the left of shot, the centre stand is shown coming out from under the footrest. :0)

  • Any possibility that the one with the "wider" foot pad was actually from another Kawasaki that had four exhaust pipe-two on each side-and thus needed to be wider?

  • Mine's bigger

  • Mines got more girth.

  • So who has the biggest? ;-)

  • I'm not in this competition. Lol

  • i go away for a day and you are up to no good again Raven. lol

  • That's ok John, I heard her clumsiness in contextual commenting does not extend to her riding skills. ;)

  • Did I say that loud ?

  • :0O lol