Photos from John Pearce's post

Hi Peeps,

I am looking to get some W650 style patch's made.

Here are a few ideas, please use your imagination and give me some thoughts and ideas.

  • Nice, but I think that the "W" needs more attention...

    Well, I ride an 800 :-)

  • Put a large W in the middle of the red and smaller 650 one side and 800 the other?

  • very sophisticated patch.

  • ??? honda GB 500 ???

  • yes my old GB500, i posted it to show the RisingJack patch on the arm of my jacket. i still have a GB500mk2.

  • a better photo...

  • very confidential in france!!

  • why?

  • Not released John, by the way I would be interested by your side pannel decal if you finalized it with a japanese flag instead of the union jack, or maybe a rising union jack like on the patch!