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Last summer I bought the 2 T4's that Peter Dowell had listed for sale and have been working on the 1987 with the KX500 engine the past few months. It had a cracked and broken frame in 3 different places so I took it to Gary at GT Performance and just got it back today. He replaced all the damaged and broken frame tubes with Chrome Molly tubing and reinforced all the engine mounts, including adding one to the top of the cylinder head. It came out Great!!!! I am so excited to get this bike back on the sand drags!

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  • Thats bad ass!

  • awesome!

  • How hard is it to put that 500 motor in there

  • I have done 1 before, although I didn't build this one. There is a great write up on Kawiriders where a guy named Toby built one. Its 4 or 5 pages long and covers all the basics. You need to extend the kick starter that seems to be the hardest part and add to the rear mount for the engine.

  • Thanks Joel I'll look that up

  • 0294-tobys-kfx500-making.html Here it is! Thanks man. Once its together I will let you ride it!!!!

  • That's sick

  • Monster

  • Thats a sexy tecate big guy... awesome job all around

  • so thats where those bikes went Pete had some nice bikes Mines still for sale Looks like the only people bying them are on the east coast

  • Hard to find nice stuff here on east coast or not for sale....wish i lived on west coast love to move out there ohio sucks

  • Ya I think I live in Paridise except for the oregon government and Portland. 2 Hrs to the best dunes in the world not to hot and not to cold.