Photos from Joe Croft's post

I have this 2006 ZX14 for sale... Big bore kit, ported and polished head, after market crank , rods, and pistons. Power commander 5. Full race header and pipe.. Just shy of 285 horse at the wheel... First 7,000 cash is gonna own it! For more info call 567-204-1427. The bike is located in Lima Ohio.

  • I pd to have it built....87 mm pistons... I do know that... Muzzy crank... Don't know the size... He said it come out to a 1597 cc. Or something like that...

  • Carillo rods

  • Cp pistons

  • 14-5-1 comperssion

  • Sounds like its a 66mm stroke. 1569cc. Don't know if you can go 67mm with the 14?

  • Just don't plan on spraying that 87 bore.

  • Even at a 1569 still no 284... Also u say pump gas never happen with 14.5-1..... Alot of things dont add up here maybe thats y its 7k?

  • ^^^^ yep. ;-)

  • 1570 is max on gen 1 14 who did the head?

  • I heard Disney land did the head work. Lmao