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As you may have seen on this site, I am looking to sell my 2000 ZX7R. I recently saw someone sell a BMW M sport using an online raffle. If there was enough interest, I was going to sell tickets for 60 tickets, for 60 euro each for a chance to get the bike. I would publish the numbers on the site that people choose, then film myself drawing the winning number, and again publish the video on the site.

I would cover delivery charges to the UK and Ireland out of the raffle proceeds, and could talk more about delivery to other parts of Europe.

At the moment I am just looking to see if people would be interested guys???

  • dam,if it was N america id be in!

  • Imagine the road trip back if you won it though Wade Parsons :) lets just forget about the planes, trains and automobiles scenario required to make it home

  • If it was in America I would be in too! I wonder what it would cost to ship over the pond? Hmmmm...

  • Jim Stephenson .., I am going to be a party pooper and tell you that its not happening within this group bud, I am not saying that you are or would be dishonest but the only financial transactions I can allow is via paypal, if however you put your bike on ebay with a similar arrangement that would be cool beans.., I hope you understand that I must protect all our members within this group :-)

  • If I had 3600 I'd snap that bike right up!

  • No worries at all Andy Meeks. I will be setting it up via PayPal anyway to protect everybody involved. If I go ahead with it that is

  • Brilliant Jim Stephenson .., then in that case you have my full blessing :-D

  • Ah sound mate. I'll get it all sorted over the next week and send what I plan to do via a PM and we can see if you're happy to go ahead. Trust me, the last thing I want is to piss this happy group of Ninjas off