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Corbin's 600.00 Shipped Comes with New Kawasaki Factory Mounts huge 41 Liter Bags the bag on the right is 32 these bags are in great shape not all gouged up Nice and clean on the inside They will need locks I know were to get replacements these bags Retail for 1800.00 they fit the lines of the V2K well they will also need new turn lenses or just replace the whole signal bags are pre wired I mounted this bag for pic in less then 10 Minutesthese things hold a ton and look good doing one bag has more capacity then 2 Nomad Bags hit me up if you are interested I am willing to come down on these bags to move them if someone wants a helluva a deal on some killer bags hit me up let's talk Thanks for looking

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  • Gorgeous bags and almost my color blue, wish i didnt kinda have my tsukayu bags being reupholstered or id grtab these up

  • Loved the right one

  • Can you still use a sissy bar with the bags on the right? They just need some spacers?

  • Yes the mounts come with the spacers and the longer bolts for the sissy bar mount the bags follow the lines rather well

  • Yeah i wish they were Gen 2 Then i could mount that tour pack. The one good thing about the blue bags is the gull Wing doors open the bags for maximum access

  • The bags on the right are corbin beetles and the left are___?

  • Corbin Beetle bags diff model

  • Right side is 32 Liters left side is 41 liters

  • Will see if I can round up money for the ones on the right before someone else buys them.

  • No guarantees right now though.

  • Ones on the right are not FOR SALE unless you got 1500.00

  • Ooooh well that sucks

  • Regan Pickrel my bad for assuming everyone seen my previous post those black bags are paint matched to my bike and took me 5 years to find no longer made. The bags on the left are same quality and at 600.00 shipped do to how good of shape they are in is more then fare considering the cost of new Sorry about the misunderstanding. i could be persuaded to run the blue bags if i got a over the moon price for the black bags since the blue ones would allow me to run the trunk i have that match them.

  • Donald Redd this is a better pic Blue bags on the left are for sale

  • Ah no problem. I think I'll hold out for those other bags. I can be patient though as I'm pretty cheap.

  • Have to keep an eye on ebay I suppose

  • Regan Pickrel Yep have not seen another set in 5 years it can be done but few and far between and expensive probably not going to find Corbins cheap considering they are 2Gs new when you ad the tax good luck hope you find what your looking for

  • Where I can buy bags like this?

  • Corbin or me 1800 for Corbin I don't believe the black ones are made anymore. however they probably still have the molds they may make you a set.

  • Thank you

  • Dmitriy Vernygorov You were asking about the black bags correct ? You can keep searching E-Bay you might get lucky. I found mine on Craigslist in NJ drove down there from Upstate new York in fare they would be gone if i waited