Photos from Jim Renda's post


2 projects today 1 down H/D Winshield mounted Now onto the Victory Floorboards

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  • Those will look great!

  • Yes i like the shape and the mount is only 1/4 " diff than the kawasaki so i think with a little spacer i got a winner i will keep you posted on how it goes Customer from my buddies shop gave them to me talk about being in the right place at the right time..Shit that windshield is damn near invisable.

  • Which model windshield is it? Did which Hardley? My plexiglass is looking scratched up.

  • That's your windshield telling you it's fairing time Rod

  • It's a Heavy Duty National Cycle i used the wide JK Kit for mounts however the mounts on the windshield were to wide so i had to use spacers 3/4 of and inch on bothe sides to center it.