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And another turn signal stalk bites the dust.....this is my second set on the bike now....the bike has 128,000 miles on it now......

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  • it breaks on it's own?

  • Vibration causes it to crack, and eventually it just fails.....

  • I have the same issue with my signal indicators going on right now...

  • Try slip a metal bar into the space where wires go through

  • Never had the OEM signals on my bike, but it never happened with the afetrmarket ones in almost four years and 20 000 kms !

  • 128,000! You did say miles, didn't you? That's the highest I've come across so far. No major engine issues in all those miles?

  • That's only an average of 8,000 miles a year......I ride on average now, a little over 30,000 a year, that's spread out over 5 bikes, but I only do around 5,000 each on the Hawk and CB 700 Nighthawk...The W, Gold Wing, and PC get around 10,000 a year each.

    No major engine trouble on this one, but my second one holed a piston at 45,000. I am blaming a poorly installed rethread after the bike galled a plug into the head and damaged the threads

    On this one I have replaced the ignition switch and the exhaust system (cosmetic). I have pods instead of the stock air cleaners, and I have a Dyna-jet Kit.

  • 128 k miles. KilleR! Mine only on 55. Had engine issue. O rings on oil feed pipes gave up ghost. Had to helicoil one thread replaced all cylinder head bolts etc

  • Just put after market blinkers on