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  • Here is a few of my T3s..

    Left is a drag ported 300cc 87, next is a 87 resto in progress, then a 86 300cc trail/ track trike and on rt is a KX80 trike conversion..

    I also have another 86 project, the 86 500, a 84 project and the 2cate (its a 85 300cc w a bigwheel swingarm lol)

  • Team green baby!!!

  • AND thats just my kawi trikes Dave Swinger.. i have 4x4s and a KFX450 too.. lol

    I did sell my KX250, but ill replace it soon.. lol

  • I have a tecate motor laying around, and some odds and ends. I'll try to get pictures tomarow, if ya have any interest in parts? Let me know. And verry nice collection!!!!!!

  • You have an awesome collection!!! If I didn't know better, I'd say you were single! Lol

  • Im always looking for T3 parts.. lol

    Let me know what ya find.. thanks

  • not crazy, it's fucking trikes and love 500's...only makes sense to marry them. bad ass machine

  • Purists can puss off

  • Lmao!! Ive got 1 purist T3, i know how it can feel..

    But i also have 1 drag, 1 bigbore and 1 cut in half and turned into a fattire bike(w a 300cc topend lol)!!

  • They look stock rite??? LMFAO!!!

  • its mostly not cdi... check the coils on the statorplate and ignition coil for the right specs.. Mike Weir can help with the right ohm specs


    That was just what i was looking for!

  • Sorry to hijack the post. I have a 500 1986 tecate in the uk. And I'm badly in read of a new rear fender and a decent seat base. Any help appreciated

  • You can find those on eBay pretty easy. Fenders are still being made.

  • I've had a look. I must be blind lol. I'll look again.

  • Well 1 step closer!! I heard it run today!!!

    Now to decide direction to go w it..

    Got to figure a decompression head and slipping kicker gear but thats the fun part! They are tuff to kick w a short T3 kicker..


  • dan message this guy he is in Greece and has a seat pan I talked to him earlier

  • Thankyou john

  • Getting closer.. got front brakes fixed, all new bearings, all holes taped and rethreaded, new pipe and some of the plastics mounted..

  • Thanks Nick Lalanne for the pipe!

  • Yes i know my bench is a mess.. lol