Photos from Jeffrey Vloebergh's post

I am rebuilding my 500. Its a bit of a mess...(bought it in this shape)

The frame is a k(d)X 500 2001 i presume.

I am looking for a new exhaust. What brand would fit my build? Just take a look at the exhaust/kicksterter

  • That tank is interesting. Is it aluminum?

  • Yes, its self made by the guy i bought it from.

  • Looks to be 99-02 kx250 frame and plastics , you need a post 89 cr500 front pipe and swap the manifolds to suit the kawasaki barrel

  • Actually it looks like a standard 500 frame with 99 02 style bodywork. That's not a perimeter frame. MichI Kay may know something about this type of conversion.

  • Well spotted Rob I did an 02 conversion so it brought back all sorts of horrible memories

  • I am planning to buy the scalivini exhaust. I Will probably have to make some adjustments to either frame or exhaust itself. But just look at it, thats a bauty to me

  • Got the same'circut

  • Wow that looks super sexy

  • I think it looks rad