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Just installed a Pyramid Ductail rear splash guard on my V. That Mitas E07 really slings the mud so I needed to add something. Hopefully it will help. My commute to work this summer takes me through two different construction zones and when it's wet the rear of my bike really gets covered.

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  • Hi Jeff...What front tires are you using with the mitas?

  • That tire looks gnarly!

  • Ryo I use a stock size 120/70-17 TKC-80 exclusively.

  • Nice

  • Thanks Jeff Reichel.. been wanting to try the tkc80s.. but nobody carries them here...yet.

  • Where is here? Can you order from places like Revzilla?

  • Malaysia..... the tax and shipping will kill my

  • Bummer. They've been out for a couple years now. Hopefully soon.

  • Closest i found is up north in thailand... would love to try it out when i can.. im running the tkc60 at the rear and the mt60 corsa in front

  • It must be awesome to kick up some serious rooster tails on a street bike. Only the V does it with class!