Photos from Jeff Grawbarger's post

Burning some race fuel 2marrow. ..

  • So I have to wait if I want to hear what a slow, Turd sounds like... Lmao. Ha-ha. Joking.. I am searching for a KX500 to test out..

  • I pm u a vid of the turd...

  • Lol.

  • I'm just busten. I love the sound of Sean Collier's KX500 on the PreMix DVD.

  • Sean's sounds like my stock trail bike,just a kx thing,,,I can understand why a honda guy would think a stock kx sounds amazing...haha

  • Well Sean's Isn't stock. Lol I think it's more about an expert rider knowing where the power sweet spot is. Cause my bike sounds Amazing as well. It's also a 500cc thing. Nothing sounds like them.

  • I'd beat Sean's is stocker than u think,but Honda guys gotta dream I guess...haha..

  • Where can i buy this chain cover? Thank you

  • This chain cover

  • Adam MillAr also supplied the chain gaurd Dimitris Sakellariou