Photos from Jeff Grawbarger's post

The latest build, Andrew Basehore bike....

  • I can count 12 bikes now . I'm sure will race this yr with the possibility of five or six more

  • Ya, shit, maybe I should sabotage it while I hav the chance.. lol

  • I haven't seen a class stacked up like that for a few years

  • Hehehe

  • I like a head scratcher every now and then.

  • I'll help you out on your bike if you want John.

  • Haha John Junkin no I never pissed him off. I'm sure he would build me a pipe. It would be at cost though. How well does his pipe perform on that KX?

  • haven't ran it yet but it sounds allot better/more crisp than the Procircut I had. The the pipe is pretty thick so hopefully it'll be durable. he made me a pipe so I can run a straight stinger, or a silencer

  • PC pipes are no good for 500. Let us know how you like the Dynoport ..

  • Jeff Durrett